The Callback Company Reviews Are In!

Boe Wank (NYC) Dance captain; Anything Goes, National Tour: 
The Callback Company is so important because not everyone gets the opportunities a showcase or master classes can give you. Exposure to life outside of a university wall and to one of the world's most competitive markets is priceless, and I am so happy to see a company that brings the industry to the students and the students to the city.  I think the Callback Company is on its way to becoming a major asset to students who want to push themselves beyond the opportunities they are given. It's the same hunger you possess to choose theatre in the first place, and it's the same drive that will get you to pound the pavement and keep waking up every day to more and more chances to make your dreams real. It all boils down to passion, preparation, and work. 

Katelyn Pickel (GA):  This weekend changed my life. Without the contacts that I made and the friends I made, I wouldn't want to go back to New York. It's now my home away from home and I am so excited to know that I could make it up there with just a few things to clean up! I learned so many important techniques and I plan on staying in touch as much as I can with everyone that we worked with. I just can't honestly put into words exactly what this company has done because there are no words to explain it. It's amazing and wonderful to know that I am doing what I love and that God is steering me in the right direction. It took joining this company to get my edge back and I'll forever be grateful. 

Hayden Anderson (NYC):  This company gives performers experience and confidence. It also exposes them to the professional world that they will be working in. 

Jillian Perkins (Cartersville, GA): The Callback Company gives you a taste of the real world without having to jump head first into the scary world of theatre. My weekend in New York with the company led me back to theatre after taking almost two years off of doing it. It made me realize why I fell in love with it in the first place! Everything was well organized and greatly planned. Not only did we have the incredible opportunity to work with people on broadway but we had the chance to actually see broadway shows and go back stage and tour the set of Jersey Boys. I would do this again in a heartbeat and I look forward to many more opportunities to come with the Callback Company! 

Emily Durand (NYC): The Callback Company is important because it offers more than high schools or colleges offer in the performing arts. The Callback Company offers talkbacks and masterclasses with writers, casting directors, and successful working performers. You gain knowledge about how to market yourself in one of the most difficult professions to break into. I believe a company such as this one is extremely important for those looking to study musical theatre in college because it prepares you for those auditions and helps you make an extremely difficult decision on what school to be at for the next four years. I truly wish I had had a company such as this when I was college searching!