Company Memberships for All Ages

Full Service Membership Options include more Services and Events

​Membership is an annual commitment with monthly payments

​(One-Time Payment for Annual Membership Available - Save 10%)

Summer Special: Callback Company Membership  $500/summer $500 one-time payment by May 1, 2020.
Summer Membership begins May 15 and runs until August 15.

Be a part of the Callback Company this summer! Members attend workshops and classes PLUS they receive weekly private acting or vocal coachings. We will prepare you for any upcoming audition or performance while keeping your "Audition Book" current with songs, monologues, and various cuts necessary for any audition. We hold regular headshot sessions for members and keep your resume current and ready to print!  


College Concierge Upgrade $1,200 (with Any Full Membership)

Consultation with High School Junior or Senior Students and Parents on Survey and College Match Navigation
Private Coaching in Music, Dance and Acting as Needed​
Creation of Application and Fee Timelines
Assistance with College Essays, Headshots and Resume
Preparation of Audition Timeline and Requirements for Selected Programs
Facilitation of Networking with College Faculty of Selected Programs
Exploration of College Scholarship Options and Applications 

One Time Payment of $500 for Summer Membership

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Why JOIN The Callback Company?

What's in it for me?

Callback Company membership is your ticket to a community focused on artistic excellence. Bring your A-game to every audition, confident with your materials and well-practiced for success.  We enjoy workshops, mock auditions, private coachings, and fun group events where we encourage each other and learn to network with other performers.

If you are interested in contributing to a student's scholarship fund, please contact us directly at We would love to speak with you about ways to make your financial considerations beneficial to all involved.