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Why Mock Auditions?

College programs across the country utilize mock auditions to train young performers to put their best foot forward in the audition situation.

Auditions are the necessary litmus test for performers for selection to programs and casting in shows.

Auditions are more than just learning a song. From the slate to "thank you" - performers need to feel confident in their performance in the room before casting directors, program coordinators, and scholarship providers.

Auditioning is a skill which performers will use throughout their careers. Learning the game early will not only prepare an artist for success and resilience - on stage and off. 

Reserve your spot today! Learn as an audience member or participant. Once you register you will receive an email with additional information.  Performers of all ages are invited to attend. Bring your music, printed in a binder, or we will find and print it for you! Binders will be available on site!